Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th - Day 126/239 Days to go!

Yesterday was my mini day with my two mini friends. I picked up Rosemary and off to Peachland we went for a day at Barb's house. Barb had a friend....a mini friend....visiting from Winnipeg so we had a nice visit, ate lots of goodies, and even managed to get some minis done.

I decided that I'd work on my "mini mutts" and I did my little Roxy. She's a sweetie, would love to be a lap dog except that she weights about 50 pounds, has the most incredibly boney elbows, and is just not your stereo-type pitbull. She's a lover definately not a fighter. But I truly believe that there are no bad dogs....just bad owners, and it is all about how they are raised more than genetics. Roxy is definately proof of that.

So here is my Roxy.....full scale, doing what she does best....sleeping!

And this is my mini Roxy....still doing what she does best!

I spent part of the day working on the interior of the Beacon Hill's second floor in preparation for wallpapering. I painted white around the ceiling line, around the doors and windows, the exterior edge of the house at the back. It is a lot easier to do before the wallpaper is in than after. It is a somewhat tedious job but it eliminates any dark bald spots showing up later.


  1. I love the way you have captured your dog in his very comfy pose.

  2. Sweet! Good job !! I love your dogs!

  3. Look at that so sweet puppy and her mini me!! You captured her perfectly! So is the rottie going in too?

  4. Oh my golly, I love your mini Roxy.... Super job...