Friday, March 4, 2011

March 2nd & 3rd - Day 61 & 62/303 days to go!

While I would love to say that I've been really productive, I have spent time filling little tiny holes with glue. Funny how when I was painting trim areas that those little tiny holes showed up, but they did. So in the interest of structural strength, I stuffed them full of glue...and more glue, then touched them up with paint.

Thursday was mini day with my friends....definately one of my favourite days of the week! The food was great, the conversation was good and the friendship was fabulous. I even managed to squeeze in making a few minis too.

The plan for the weekend is to start doing some wallpapering from the bottom upwards. Once that is done on the first and second floor I can start installing some lighting on the first floor. Then wallpaper the third floor and install the lighting for the second floor. Once the roof is on, I can do the electrical for the third floor.

Well, that's the plan anyway. I will have to see how time goes this weekend.

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