Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 28th - Day 59/306 days to go!

I can't even believe I did what I did....but I just couldn't stop myself.

The original wallpaper for the master bedroom was the...inspiration for the whole colour scheme. It was the fuel that drove the whole French Country theme for finishing the interior....and partly the exterior of the house. I loved the pattern.....I loved the colours. So, I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when the colour photocopying process didn't give me the result I had hoped for. That french yellow background came out lime-greenish and it was....awful!

I spent time finding an alternative wallpaper for that room. Even though I found something I "liked", I still wasn't thrilled with the prospect of having to abandon my original pick. So, that said, I will tell you now that I can....at times be a tad.....obsessive....or as my mother used to say...strong-willed, which I believe would be translated into....just plain stubborn. And yes, I am all of those things at times. This was one of those times that I didn't see it as a bad thing but just one of those personality quirks that will get me what I want. Besides, isn't our individual nuances that make us each....special....unique...in our own little way.

I can't believe I'm going to tell you what I did.....but I will and perhaps I'm not alone when it comes to this trait either. There are times when no other action but this will do!

I spent the better part of the day changing the colour of the background on the original wallpaper so that when it is was colour copied it should turn out to be the yellow that I want. I took a small sample of the original wallpaper that showed the full pattern repeat, used my paint program on my computer, enlarged the picture and....pixel by pixel....changed the yellowy-green background to a french yellow colour, blocked and copied the new and improved little sample, and then copied and pasted it together (matching up the pattern) until I had a full sheet of wallpaper ready to be printed as the original for photocopying.

Okay, you can now shake your head or roll your eyes in disbelief over how stubborn I can be. But look at the difference:

The test as to whether or not the time was well spent will be when I take it to Staples and have it copied. But, I also have a plan for that too. I've done lots of copying at Staples and I usually have the same lady do it for me, but it was her day off when I had the other one copied. So, I'm going to go....just to her....and have it copied. Maybe it's a luck thing because I've always been pleased with the results I get from her....and she has been there a long time, so perhaps she is just better at setting up the colours on the copier. Who knows, but I'm going to give it one last try to get the wallpaper that I really want for that bedroom.

If this try doesn't work.....I'm going to bury my face in a pillow and scream as loud as I can for about 5 seconds (an excellent way to reduce stress).


  1. Time well spent, the doctored wallpaper looks great:)!

  2. That is true dedication to the project. It looks good.