Monday, February 28, 2011

February 27th - Day 58/307 days to go!

Wow....I think I solved a minor disaster. Not a global disaster or anything of that sort but rather a dollhouse disaster. When I was trimming the wallpaper pages I noticed that the paper that I'd picked for the master bedroom didn't colour copy as I'd liked it. The yellow background had now become a shade of...greenish-yellow....and ugly shade at that. Even a trip to a different store to try their copy machine didn't solve the problem, in fact, the colour was worse. Soooooooo, after much searching, I think I found an acceptable wallpaper alternative. It's not as nice as the original that I liked so much, and there isn't the yellow in it that I wanted....but I think it might have to do. I don't see any way around this switch in paper.

I'm going to spend some time tomorrow searching for a better alternative....hopefully I'll find one, but if not at least I have one option available.

It's Murphy's Law......there is always a bump in the road somewhere along the journey.

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