Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th - Day 10/355 days to go!

Surprise! Surprise! I'm actually going to post early this evening.

I spent today solving my "ceiling" situation. Should I just paint it or should I paper it? I finally decided on wallpaper. The effect is much nicer and definately far less boring than just plain ole white paint. I found some wallpaper a few years ago in the clearance bin at one of the local hardware stores.....five rolls of wallpaper that looks much like old plaster so I bought all five rolls. Yes, I realize that I went a little overboard with that purchase but it has been one of those things that I'm glad I did it. The wallpaper has been used in quite a few projects. Today my memory was failing me since I couldn't remember if the wallpaper was paintable or not so I did a sample piece. The original is a beige-ish colour and since I don't want my ceilings to look like the occupants of the house are a gang of chain smokers it was either paint it or don't use it. The wallpaper painted white is going to be....perfect!

As you can see from the left side of the picture, the white is going to look like a plaster ceiling which is very much like what would have been original to a house in the time period of the Beacon Hill. The right side is the original wallpaper.

I spent today making a pattern of the underside of the second and third floors and gluing them onto the sealed wood.

I'm going to log out now and start painting them white!

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