Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 15th - Day 15/350 days to go!

Today was both a mini house day and a big house day. I'm renovating a bathroom in my house so it was a trip to Rona for a new toilet. I find it interesting that even though toilets only seem to come in two styles there is a huge range in the pricing from $80 to $400+. Would anyone really notice the difference between the cheapest or the most expensive? Would anyone every walk into someone's bathroom....gasp and then say "OMG they have the Cadillac of toilets?" I rather doubt it.....a toilet.

I did solve the interior door issue on the Beacon Hill. I modified the door with some trim, picked up some small round crystals from Michaels today to use of glass doorknobs.....and voila.....acceptable interior doors.

The door on the left is what they give you in the kit. It is just the cut out wood from where the door is to be. The middle pictures shows the trim I added in the middle and around the edges. Two counts of white paint and the doors aren't too bad (if I do say so myself).

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