Friday, January 21, 2011

January 20th - Day 20/345 days to go!

Even though today was "Mini Day" with my friends, I did find time to work on the second floor staircase.

I have just one word for how I spent that time.....SANDING!

Since the staircase didn't sit level, there was no way that I was going to be satisfied with how it looked. That space under the first riser kept taunting me to get rid of it. I realize that nothing is perfect, but I don't see anything wrong with at least striving for as close to perfect as possible.

I also put my first coat of white paint on the staircase.

Since my 1/8th stripes of cherry finished off the first floor staircase nicely, I'm going to use it to finish off the treads on this staircase too.....but....I'm going to glue them on before I do the staining.

Once I can install the second floor staircase, I'll be able to "test" my idea on how to conceal the wiring. I have my fingers crossed!

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  1. I am in awe of how much you have achieved in such short time. It is coming on beautifully.