Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 26th - Day 26/339 days to go!

Today I was....a bad girl.....shame on me. I did some more sanding on the pieces for the next step and then I needed a break from sanding. Image that LOL.

I decided to "play" today since I thought I deserved a little break from job, at least for one day.

Yesterday I found a sofa in my "maybe" box and today I decided to see if I could make it something similar to a sofa/chair set I saw on the Neiman Marcus website a long time ago. I had copied the picture so I still have the visual inspiration to go by.

As you can see, the original sofa was.....boring! Your standard issue Victoria sofa....and not an expensive one for sure.

I'd stripped off its fabric, three coats of white paint, made templates, dug through my fabric stash....and found the perfect solid coloured pink fabric for what I wanted. Sadly I only had a small piece.....about 5"x5". Not enough to do much with but enough to get my little brain working in high gear and the creative juices flowing. It would also be enough for a small spot on the sofa and the two chairs.

A quick trip to a local quilting shop and also to Fabricland....and I had what I needed....and it goes with the wallpaper I made for the parlour. I spent the rest of the day re-upholstering the sofa.....and ta it is!

Hum, for some reason the round centre piece looks red in the picture but it is actually pink. The background is the sample wallpaper I made for the parlour.

Tomorrow I'd better to a good girl and get back to my construction job!


  1. I have that same chesterfield and I also recovered it - small world. You are far ahead of me on the house. I am going to have to do some serious catching up.

  2. Wow.... What a transformation!!!