Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 25th - Day 25/340 days to go!

Hum, what did I do today?

I made an additional piece of trim for the second floor staircase. It seems my eyes didn't notice that I'd forgotten about the necessity to leave room for the had to modify the trim I'd already made by adding a notch and then extending the trim to add more support. I stained it, sealed it, and then glued it in place. I also made the trim for the opposite wall on the third floor opening as well as made all the other finishing trim for the second floor opening. They are all stained but I still need to seal and install them.

I did some more.....sanding (yuk)....on the walls for the next phase of construction. Did I mention I'm having a love/hate relationship with sandpaper? I swear that the wood has a mind of its think you have it sanded smooth and all those little wood fibres are under control and then.....they appear again just when you thought it was finally safe to continue. I'm also now vacuuming my craft room more than ever before too. Yes, those nasty wood fibres end up on the floor.....even the little slivered ones....and I'd rather they were sucked into the vacuum then found their way into the bottom of my foot. Yes, I'm a barefooted miniaturist!

I also spent some time today using my 3/16th cherry veneer on the kitchen floor. The final conclusion....I love it.....and NO sanding required during the installation!!! I purchased my cherry veneer strips from Lee Valley Tools. They come in a tube, are 24 inches long, and there are three widths to pick from....1/8 inch (approximately 300), 3/16 inch (approximately 225), 1/4 inch (approximately 150). The tube is stuffed full of veneer and I've made the kitchen floor and the library floor already and it doesn't even look like I've used any at all.

And speaking of the floor plan, I guess now is as good a time as any to....unveil the master plan! I will mention that this "plan" isn't etched in stone, but I think it will give me enough variety in room decoration to hit most of the mini highlights.

I also spent some time today looking through my "Maybe" box of mini goodies. I call them my "maybe" minis because....maybe I shouldn't have bought them on the speculation that I'd find a place to use them in the future, maybe I liked them when I bought them and maybe I don't now, and just generally maybe they were a good idea at the time.

I found a sofa, two matching chairs and an ottoman. Ah....a light bulb moment happened! I can remove the fabric from the sofa, the chairs don't have any seats or fabric, remove the fabric from the ottoman.....paint the furniture white and then put fabric back on in the colour and/or pattern I want! Excellent idea if I do say so myself....and no need to purchase any more furniture! I'm a genius! Hum, don't I wish that was it, actually I'm just being frugal since I need to buy some additional light fixtures for the house.

Well, that is about all I did today....but tomorrow is another day!

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