Monday, January 17, 2011

January 16th - Day 16/349 days to go!

I spent today working out two construction issues.

The first is the dead space in the kitchen on the left side of the bay area. I decided to fill it in so that the wallpaper would rap around that corner smoothly. It isn't a big space so it won't be missed. In fact, it is an ackward space not only to paper but also to use for much of anything and the only way to see into that space would be through the front window.

The second was the bulkhead leading into the bay area. It is part of the side of the house so in order to maintain the structural intergrity of that wall I decided that I'd work around it....not fight it but find a way to use it. The decision needed to be made now (or at least shortly) since it had to be done before papering and during the construction process. I contemplated what would be involved in the removal of it first. Hum, not the easiest place to get a saw into....a dremel would work but could be very messy (and of course that dreaded.....sanding) and then there was the issue of the structural aspect itself.

In order to make it work for me, I needed to figure out the kitchen layout. After moving things around again and again, I finally came up with a solution....cupboards along that wall! The sink will go under the window (which is going to create another issue since the window needs to be shortened from the floor upwards) but I'll worry about that another day. I also have to think about what I'm going to do about a fridge. The spot that I want to put the fridge in will create a dead corner. I can fill it in with a cupboard which would be visible from the front window but I'd also have to make a custom fridge that would be not as deep as the purchased ones. That's do-able!

So, I spent the day making cupboards to work (and fit) with the bulkhead! No sense coming up with an idea and then not making the actual cupboards to see if it really is going to work or not. Funny how sometimes things work so well while they are still in your head and then later the reality is a disaster. The upside is also that I have lots fill the cupboards with.

As you can see....they fit! I'm not sure if I'm going to wallpaper the bulkhead or use some trim to make it look like it is part of the cupboards, but that decision is a ways aways.

PS - the dead space I was talking about first is to the left of the cupboards and runs from floor to ceiling. It is about 1/4 deep.

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  1. Elizabeth these cupboards look wonderful. Nice work , you are getting alot accomplished this month. I need some of your energy right now to get to work on my little house. I have too many projects right now that I need to finish in a couple of non mini swaps then ..... hope to be free to get more done on the interior of my little room. Work interferes with my fun sometimes? and of course my B-Day weekend was fun so no art work done just alot of eating and celebrating!! Watching your progress with interest! Judy