Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 8th - Day 8/357 to go!

I didn't accomplish much felt like a lazy day so I just went with it. I did get all the pieces for Step 2 punched out and sanded. I also punched out a few of the pieces for the second floor staircase and put them aside in the "staircase drawer" of my little cart where they will be safe until I am ready for them.

I have this....habit....of putting things in a safe place....and then never being able to find them again or at least not for a long time....and definately not when I want them. So, this construction process is...organized or at least as organized as it is going to get. I have a little cart with drawers for things such as parts, electrical, building supplies....and I am hoping that this will eliminate having to hunt (and curse a little) when I can't find something.

I have also come to realize that there is a downside to doing this project in my "Mini Studio". All my other pending projects are staring at me....wondering when it is their turn! Oh well, they have been patient for this long, I suspect they can be patient a little longer.

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