Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7th - Day 7/358 Days to go!

Today I applied the third coat of white paint to the main floor staircase....I think that should be it! I also did a bit more sanding on the treads, stained them and glued them into place.

Tomorrow I will seal the treads with a gloss varathane. The container says that it doesn't yellow with age. I'm not sure I fully trust the manufacturer's words based on past experience. I will also seal the white part of the staircase as well. Worse case scenario is that down the road I will have to repaint it white again....and I've had to that in the past before. I'm hoping that varathane has improved over the years and I can trust their "won't yellow" claim.

After much mental debate, I've decided not to stain the interior floors before I assembly the dollhouse. In order to hide the wiring, I'm going to have to make small grooves in the second and third floors and that would make the whole staining process a waste of time. I had always intended to do strip wood floors anyway, so it really just makes sense to not bother staining underneath a false floor. Yes, the wood floors will be false so that I can remove them should I need to do anything to the electrification later change a fixture or a light bulb.

I'm not a fan of tape wire so I will use round wire on this house. I've used this method in the past with great results though I've also had more substantial thickness of floors to work with. Hum, maybe I'd better figure out the wiring layout before I do the assembly so I can make the groove pre-assembly. Decisions, decisions...but best to make them before and not have to struggle later!

Wow...I just realized that I've actually only done Step 1 and Step 3 since Step 2 is the assembly of the dollhouse shell.....and its been a week already! Maybe a year to this project isn't as long as I thought it was going to be. Okay, I won't start to panic yet and I do work well under pressure....but NO pressure here....yet!

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  1. The staircase turned out really nice. I know what you mean about the quality of their wood, but it seems you are making the best of it.