Friday, January 14, 2011

January 13th - Day 13/352 days to go!

Today was....thinking day. Time to think about the wiring, time to think about what to do with the interior doors, time to think about finishes (and when to do some wallpapering), time to just....think things through and plan the best way to get it done.

I did take what will be the kitchen door and played with it a bit. The original was...awful! The wood is less than desirable and what "they" think of as a door really is just a piece of punched out wood. It definately needs to be perked up to make it even look like a real door. There is also the installation and framing to think through as well. The easiest would be to make it a non-functional door but that isn't really what I want.

I am soooooo tempted to change the doorway shape...a little shorter and a little wider....and then purchase some good quality interior dollhouse my son reminded me....I did say that I was going to finish the house "as is" from the kit. What was I thinking when I made that statement!

The original idea was to make the kit "as is" and spend the extra time getting the best out of what was provided. Yes, that would mean sanding until I couldn't stand sanding anymore....and using lots of polyfil to smooth out the wood. That said, I'm now not so sure that even that will satisfy my thoughts on the quality of the final outcome.

But, I'm not at that stage yet where I might have to make another...executive decision.


  1. Sad to hear that the greenleaf experience hasn't changed (although I had heard rumours that they were using better wood and better die cutting techniques, etc now - guess they were just rumours) - you are bringing back many memories of my own Beacon Hill experience, LOL!

    I say go rogue with the doors and forget the promise/threat of using the kit unsullied - that house really does deserve a beautiful front door..:D Kim:)

  2. I agree with Kim - the promise was made before you fully understood what you were contending with. You're going to want to love the results of your labours in building this house for a long're going to want to love the doors! :)