Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 5th - Day 5/360 to go!

Before the question is asked.....yes, this post is a day late. I was going to post last night but I was busy doing one of the things I'm very good at.....watching tv with my eyes closed and absorbing it through my skin. I woke up well after midnight and went straight to bed. I find my evening nap helps stop me from being too tired to fall asleep in bed at night LOL. This evening nap thing happens only when I miss my afternoon nap which is something I've started to enjoy now that I'm retired. I suspect my boss would have frowned on this activity. Hum, talk about a bad attitude.

Anyway, I did work on the house on day 5.....I painted my first coat of white paint. By the looks of it, there will be at least two more coats required to give it that.....smooth look. I also filled in all the tiny gaps with poly. It may sound a little picky but as I'm sure all miniaturists know those little gaps look huge when you shrink things down to 1/12th scale.

If I can avoid the curse of the recliner chair this evening, I'll stain the stair treads and add another coat of white paint to the staircase assembly as well. I might even be ambitious and punch out the pieces for Step 2 of the house construction (wishful thinking on my part).

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