Friday, February 11, 2011

February 10th - Day 41/324 days to go!

Well, I....think....I have finished all the sanding on the roof supports. Yes, I did say...I think. One interesting point about the wood they use is that you are never really sure whether the sanding is finished or not. Just when you thought it was safe....poof, another splinter pops up and out comes the sandpaper again. If nothing else, it keeps me on my toes and paying attention to what I'm doing.

Before I can install the roof supports, I have a few things that I'd like to do....and I've made a list to make sure that I don't miss anything:

(1)  paint the interior of the house white including the door and window openings. Since all the trim both inside and outside are white, the wood openings may still be visible once all the trim has been added. Much easier to paint it now when there is no wallpaper to worry about.

(2)  since the cardstock template is made for the second and third floor hallway, make a matte board base for the flooring before installing the front piece. This way I can make sure that it fits nicely from both the back and front. It will also be easier to make any adjustments to the base around the staircases.

(3) Install the wallpaper on the third floor staircase wall and glue the last piece of staircase trim in.

(4)  dry fit the false walls to hide the wiring. Some adjustment may need to be made taking into account the thickness of the matte board floor base.

(5) Install the first part of the wiring.

(6) Paint the front wall white and install the wallpaper. Then glue it onto the house.

I think that is it......unless something else comes to mind while I am working on this list.

This should keep me busy over the weekend, but tomorrow I will need to spend some time playing Domestic Goddess in my own house before I can start checking things off the above list.

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