Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 9th - Day 40/325 days to go!

I'd make you guess what I did today but that would be too easy. Yup, more sanding! I'm surprised I don't dream....or should I say have nighmares....about sanding. I think my fingers are starting to twitch when they realize that my hand is reaching for my sanding block or file.

I also spent some time reading over the instructions for Step H...aka Step 8. Wow, I guess I've been so busy sanding that I really didn't realize that I'm already on the 8th step. I felt good for a moment then realized that the time has come to go back a bit and put the front wall on. I'd left it for a while in order to finalize my wiring plan but I can't wait any front roof supports can be installed.

Since tomorrow is "Mini Day", I'm not sure how much I'll get done on the house, but I will have to organize the wallpaper for the front panel, dig out part of the lighting plan (ahhhhhhh I bet that has you wondering what I've got up my sleeve)....and make sure that my false wall that will hid the wiring fit well.

The wiring "secret" shall be the meantime....I'm going to let you eager anticipation....for the unveiling of my wiring light bulb moment!

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