Monday, February 14, 2011

February 13th - Day 44/321 days to go!

Construction on the house has come to a complete least until some painting is done.

I suppose it should have been obvious to me that doing some of the painting before the wallpaper was installed and some of the construction was completed would have just made sense....and it does. Where was my brain???

I think the problem arose because this is my dollhouse. I've built other dollhouses before but hindsight has made me realize that quality will always rule over all considerations during construction. I also realize that this is the first dollhouse that I have built that I will not be upgrading the doors or windows and that in itself requires an adjustment in my thinking when it comes to the end result.

For example, when upgrading to good quality windows, I never had to worry about the finished look because the windows always looked very realistic when installed. With this construction, the inside and outside window framing are two totally separate pieces so much so that they almost look like they don't even have any relation to each other except that they are on opposite side of the same opening. The dollhouse walls will show between the interior and exterior trim.....not a very realistic look. But, since I do the kit "as is" then I will have to accept that it will have limitations....and apparently drawbacks....and little disappointments.

Sometimes I there a person sitting somewhere in an office who all of a sudden wonders why their ears are burning? Do they know how often someone building one of their dollhouses what seems to be imperfections that could easily be overcome yet never seem to be addressed? Do they even care?

If business is about making money you have to stop and wonder....wouldn't they make more money spending a little more on better quality wood.....charging a little more for the kits....wouldn't they, in the long run, sell more kits because people who have avoided them because of those obvious reasons would now buy them because those reasons would no longer exist.

I'm having one of those....hummmmmm, moments LOL.

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  1. They have started to make some of their kits laser cut and have been selling those really well. My hope is that over time they will be able to convert all their kits. The die cut style is becoming the way of the past. It's likely a huge endeavor to switch over the designs. I sure wish the beacon hill had come in laser too! At one point the company changed ownership and quality went down. The original quality folk have regained control however, thank goodness!