Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th - Day 35/330 days to go!

I spent almost two hours carefully cutting out the roof supports for the mansard roof this afternoon. What a job....I had to cut all the pieces out with an xacto knife because the wood was disintegrating and most of the pieces have small rounded pointed corners. But it will be well worth the time in the end to get a great looking roof.

After looking at the wood pieces, I've decided to give the next few days a name or theme...."Sand Your Hands Off". Even with the pieces cut out and not punched out, there will still be lots....and lots....of sanding to be done. I find that because the wood is laminated, the glue doesn't seem to be sufficient to actually hold it together and give it strength, and when sanding, it needs to be held together with my fingers as I sand while trying to keep the skin on my fingertips.

This particular sanding job will also require that my vacuum cleaner be readily available to pick up all the little splinters of wood. I don't remember seeing a vacuum cleaner listed in the "Supplies Needed" list but one is definately a necessity with this dollhouse.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of the postal carrier. I ordered lights on Tuesday....and they arrived today!!! I now have all the lights I need for the dollhouse.

I also ordered a bathroom set.....some of it will go into the bathroom but because the room is so small, I'll try and find a home for a few of the other pieces. There is a towel/quilt looking rack and a wash basin stand that might not look too bad in the bedroom.

I doubt I'll have time to do anything on the dollhouse tomorrow since I'm heading out to Vancouver late this evening and won't be home until late tomorrow night.....but perhaps maybe a little dollhouse time will appear tomorrow night before bed depending on how tired I am when I get home.

Sadly, I won't have any time for shopping when I am away, but I'm sure thoughts of the Beacon Hill will creap into my mind during my meeting.


  1. Hello :)
    I also built Beacon Hill
    Come see :)
    best of luck in this difficult task!

    And here I gathered our brothers that we managed to find on the net :)

  2. Cool ^^ site postings Helene!

    Again I wonder why GL hasn't capitalized on modern methods - composite woods, computer guided lasers - they could turn their "flagship" into less of a chore and "probably" could turn out better kits for less expense in the long run (are ya listening, GL? ;)).

    Too bad the wood is so fragile, or I would suggest a power sander. I wonder what GL uses in their advertising photos, because that is not the same wood that is in the kit, either...

    careful with the wood dust as well! Breathing that stuff in could give you a whole raft of other problems. You might need a shop vac rather than a household vacuum to clean up the splinters, they are quite a bit sturdier to handle the mess.

    Lovely bathroom suite! Love the up-cycled victorian furniture as well - I am very excited to see it in real life at the end of the year! :)

  3. Nice bathroom set. Have a good trip.