Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 22 & 23rd - Day 53 & 54/311 days to go!

What can I say....more wallpaper trimming and a little bit of painting.

The wallpaper trimming is tedious....and I'm taking my time. The time spent now will pay off in the end when I go to install the wallpaper and all the seams bit like a glove.

Thursday is mini day with my friends so I will be working on my little books in preparation for our upcoming show and sale at the end of April. Yes, I make little books. Something I started a few years ago when I was making my Sherlock Holmes Library....I got hooked on after I'd made over 400 little books to fill the shelves. And....since my Beacon Hill will also have a library, I'll need books to fill those shelves too!

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