Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 8th - Day 39/326 days to go!

As I watch the numbers go down to my expected finish deadline, I realized that when I hit the end of each hundredth section....I'm going to panic. I have 26 days left in that 300 group and though I know it's only been 39 days of working on this dollhouse, I look at it and wonder.....what have you really gotten done? The house still doesn't have an actual third floor since the ceiling/roof part isn't on.....and the whole dollhouse doesn't have the mansard roof yet. I know, I'm obsessing and worrying, just a little bit, for nothing and maybe the sanding has gotten me bogged down a bit because I'm being too picky with I as far along as I thought I'd be by now? Actually the answer to that is....yes. I was well aware before I started that the sanding time was going to be huge.....and it is.

As I was sanding the mansard roof parts today I couldn't help but all this sanding really necessary? These supports will be hidden under the roof sheeting so no one will see whether I sanded or not. I quickly realized that the sanding is the key to good glue joints and since those glue joints are what holds this whole project together.....the time spent sanding is almost mandatory if the job is to be done satisfactorily.....and stay held together at the seams. I do know that I've gone a tad overboard with reinforceing each seam with extra glue but I can't even begin to imagine the horror of months or years down the road that my dollhouse starts to fall part because I didn't take the little extra time to glue the life out of it. likely tomorrow will be.....sanding.....and glueing days! Boring as that may sound. At least I have a few other projects that are going to become part of this dollhouse to work on when I need a break, or rather my fingers need a break from their time with the sandpaper.....or instead of sitting watching glue dry. I have kitchen cupboards to paint and backs to put on them, poster board flooring templates to make, matte board sub-floors completed and waiting for flooring to be glued on, lighting to install on the first and second floor, the front section to paper and then install. Wow, I didn't realize the list was that long! I need to get cracking here!


  1. I hate all the preparing that never seems to be necessary at the time but it is worth it once you start the main decorating.

  2. You have done a phenomenal amount of work for such a short amount of time. :) I feel guilty guilty guilty - not so much that I am going to go do anything about it, but guilty nonetheless... LOL!