Friday, February 18, 2011

February 17th - Day 48/317 days to go!

I have been painting the window openings (and door openings too) and also around them to ensure that no unpainted wood will show once the windows are installed. Unlike....good quality.....dollhouse windows, these windows are not inset into the wall but appear to come in two parts....interior trim and exterior trim with a piece of acrylic glued between them. I can't imagine how the wall structure won't show....but time will tell and I'm not going to take any chances.

You can also see where I changed the size of the kitchen window so that I can put the sinker underneath it.

I also installed the first floor false wall that will hide some of the wiring. It didn't need to be a huge space since it will only be hiding a small part of the wires....and I also decided to put it on the staircase wall since that is the least visible wall once the house is finished.

This pictures shows the front right side of the house without the centre panel installed yet.

I also got a little carried away with painting and decided to paint the porch floor since it was going to need painting sooner or later....and I was in a painting frenzy LOL.

Thankfully the exterior siding will cover up all the joints and glue glops because the house is looking rather....ugly right now.

Tomorrow I think it is time to take a trip to Staples and get the rest of my wallpaper copied.

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