Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 18th - Day 49/316 days to go!

I've been working on painting around the openings inside and outside the house in preparation for wallpapering. Once I have my wallpaper ready, I'll measure it off and also paint a white stripe where the wallpaper will join. I know this may sound tedious....and it is....but it will make sure that any seams will be invisible once the wallpaper is installed since all my paper is lightish in colour.

Yes that is hardwood floor that you see.....two down and 7 more to go!

I was also digging around in my "maybe" stash and found an armoir that I'll refinish for the master bedroom and there was also a broken bed frame that I'm going to fix and redesign into a bed as well. Yes that armoir is as shiny as it looks.

Tomorrow I'm off to Michaels for a few things then to Staples for some colour photocopying.

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