Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 15th - Day 46/319 days to go!

I'm still working on the list I made up on is going slowly but steadily.

I did get the little kitchen wall installed and it will solve that empty space problem. But it is time to get back to some painting and a little more wallpapering so I can install that front panel.

I'm fighting a lung infection so I'm not feeling much like doing anything....or at least not anything that requires a thought process. Perhaps I'll do a little flooring since it is always a rather mindless task but will still need to be done either now or later.

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  1. Take care of yourself Elizabeth. Lots of people fighting pneumonia this year again so watch yourself carefully and get antibiotics if unsure of anything. Bad little bug hitting the okanagan this year again. Loving the posts of your house and I will be up soon to see it in person. I am going to work on some plants for my display this weekend so will post if I accomplish anything at all. Stay well and rest up and looking forward to seeing a photo of the kitchen soon!