Friday, February 4, 2011

February 3rd - Day 34/331 days to go!

Today was mini day with two of my mini friends. I have to say that I love these days....good company, good food, good conversation and we even manage to squeeze getting some minis done.

I ordered some more flooring material from Lee Valley Tools since I don't want to run out when I'm working on the floors for the dollhouse. I also ordered some wood veneer business cards which I think I'll use to make some wainscotting.

I did some more sanding on the chimney pieces and hopefully will get them glued into place tomorrow.

I did some more reinforcing gluing on the third floor.

And once the chimney is glued in.....time to start with the white paint!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am really enjoying following your countdown. Would it be ok if I put a link to your blog on mine as I think some of my followers would enjoy it too.