Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 19th - Day 50/315 days to go!

I had a 20% off your entire order coupon for Michaels....I love those! I bought 2 more sheets of matte board for the floors and I also bought some embroidery floss to make a welcome mat for the front porch (something to work on while I'm watching tv).

Since Saturday is usually the day that I go out with a friend (dinner and a movie), I decided that I'd play and not work on something dollhouse related.

I decided to paint that huge armoir that I bought last year....or was it the year our miniature show. It was one of those purchases that....seemed like a good idea at the time. I loved the style of it, hated the finish on it.....and the price was right since it was on the club "garage sale" table.

So....three coats of white paint later....and some distressing.....and I think I have an antique looking french white armoir.

In comparison to its former self....I like the new look much better....and it will no longer be in the "maybe" stash and will have a home in the Beacon Hill.

Oh...I also bought some Model Magic at Michaels and tried an experiment on making a headboard.

It isn't finished yet....still have to paint it....and then try another experiment with it.

I dropped off my wallpaper sheets for photcopying at Staples and will pick them tomorrow morning.

And that's what I did today :-)

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  1. Elizabeth, what a great job on refinishing the armoir. Much nicer than the blinding finish that it was before.